Precision Athletics

Why Precision?

Only Precision Athletics offers such a wide variety of specialized fitness training and services for both individuals and groups. Our personal trainers offer one-on-one and partner training in multiple locations across Vancouver. Several of our trainers have specialized interests such as nutrition coaching, prenatal and postnatal training, corporate wellness and rehabilitation to name just a few. We also run a variety of fun group fitness training classes both in and outside gym environments.

Precision Athletics is known for its personal trainers providing detailed fitness assessments. We believe in scientifically assessing clients in order to establish their fitness level. Programs are then designed to help the client meet their fitness goals in the most efficient way possible. By incorporating progressive overload and incremental increases each session, clients see progress every workout. These small gains from workout to workout, total up to amazing results.

It is our goal to motivate and educate every one of our clients – no matter if the goal is to integrate fitness into a busy lifestyle, help a client get back into a regular program, prepare for an important life event, or just to promote a sense of personal achievement.

Beyond fitness training services, Precision Athletics also offers fitness facility management and facility design & planning services to corporate clients.