8 Great Fitness Gifts

holiday-fitness-giftIs your fitness-friend or coworker hard to buy for? Did they mention they wanted something to do with fitness when you asked them what they wanted as a gift? If you can’t think of anything we’ve got you covered with 8 great fitness gifts!

8 Great Fitness Gifts

1.) Polar Heart Rate Sensor – These are great gift ideas for a friend who is interested in keeping track of their heart rate and calories they are burning while doing cardio. They are great because they have an App for your Smartphone where you can track everything! They go for about 84.99 and you can order them online at www.polar.com.

2.) Stability Ball/Yoga Ball – You can’t go wrong with one of these! Especially if your friend works out at home or does a lot of Core & Stability training. You can find one of these at Walmart for as low as 19.99!

3.) Jump/Skipping Rope – Not everyone remembers how to skip as well as we did when we were kids! If you’re gift-receiver takes CrossFit classes or is into Plyometric training, having their own rope could come in handy! These can range from 15 – 55 dollars depending on how fancy you want to get.

4.) TRX Trainers – Awesome for someone who is serious about their training and wants to train at home and/or outdoors. You can take a TRX pretty much anywhere and get a full body workout, as long as you have a tree or a post to hang it from! They are a bit on the pricey side, but totally worth the money. You can normally find a second-hand TRX in perfectly good condition for around 80.00. If you’re buying brand new, you’re looking at about 179.99.

5.) Yoga Mat – If your friend is into yoga this is a great gift idea! You can grab them their favourite colour from about 20-50$ depending on where you buy.

6.) Workout Gear – Someone who is serious about training can never have enough workout clothes! Its a great gift idea because you have such a wide variety to choose from. Workout shirts, shorts, pants, runners, water bottles. The list goes on!

7.) Healthy Cook Book – Do you have a friend who struggles with maintaining a healthy diet because they have trouble deciding what to eat? Try a Paleo Cookbook for as low as 10 dollars.

8.) 1 Month Bootcamp Pass with Precision – Grab your friend a 1 month pass to any of our classes! Passes range from 1x per week – unlimited. Find our pricing on our website.

Need more great fitness gift ideas? Ask one of our Personal Trainers.

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