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Art Chaykin – Kettlebell Training Vancouver Personal Trainer


“Our strength comes from the inside and thus is under our control.” Our resident Kettlebell Training Vancouver expert, Art Chaykin, is a hardworking and passionate professional who pursued personal training after years of participation in different sports such as swimming, boxing, track and field (where he placed third in 200 meters at Russian Federation Junior Championship), Olympic weightlifting, and Girevoy sport (aka Kettlebells, he earned first place at Victoria Kettlebell Sport Classic in 2014).

Art was born and raised in the U.S.S.R. where discipline, dedication and passion for sports and self-improvement were always the most sought-for qualities. A two-year service in the Russian Army hardened those qualities even more. He believes that anyone can achieve anything given enough time, support and purpose to do so. Being in sports pretty much all of his life, Art has seen and been through all the struggles many of us experience, such as being stressed, having low drive, no motivation, etc. His main purpose is to help people find their inner strength and keep it alive through the hardships of their busy lives.


  • Girevoy (Kettlebell) sport coaching
  • Kettlebell power juggling
  • Weight loss programming
  • Strength coaching
  • Fitness testing


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CanFitPro Personal Training Certificate First Aid & CPR Level 1


CanFitPro Personal Training Certificate First Aid & CPR Level 1


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