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Ezekiel Zraly Personal Trainer


Ezekiel has always been active. Growing up Ezekiel experienced a wide variety of sports, mainly focusing on Swimming, gymnastics and rock climbing. As time went on his passion for fitness continued to grow and he was always seeking new opportunities to be more active. Entering his teen years he kept searching for more areas of growth which landed him in a weight lifting facility where he felt overwhelmed by all the new pieces of equipment, overcoming initial feelings he started to pursue knowledge on the different ways of training and never stopped.

Continuing to grow his knowledge after Highschool Ezekiel attended Infofit, a personal training school in Vancouver. During the 6 months, he spent at Infofit Ezekiel experienced a wide variety of different ways an individual can train tailored to their goals and needs. With this experience and knowledge, Ezekiel worked in a multitude of different gyms and facilities where he trained a variety of different clients tailoring his program for each of their needs.

Outside of training, Ezekiel seeks to grow his knowledge of what it takes to be physically fit, helping to accommodate different training modalities for all of his clients.

As a trainer, his focus consists mainly of learning the fundamental movement patterns placing a large emphasis on pain-free movement throughout everyday life. He is interested in learning more about athleticism and what it takes to become an athlete. Ezekiel places a large emphasis on getting more comfortable with being more physically fit and creating confidence with training.






●  Strength Training

●  Fundamental Movement Skills

●  Grip Strength

●  Climbing Strength


Ezekiel thoroughly enjoys climbing, he spends 2-3 times a week climbing and focuses his training mainly on climbing. Outside of Climbing Ezekiel has taken an interest in Martial Arts and has started to learn all about Muay Thai. Outside of fitness Ezekiel enjoys, reading, playing video games, and socializing with friends.





























Certified Personal Trainer - ACE Standard First Aid (with CPR-C & AED)


Certified Personal Trainer - ACE Standard First Aid (with CPR-C & AED)


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