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Growing up travelling across North America, Taryn had a unique childhood which gave her the opportunity to try many sports such as kitesurfing, sand boarding, and kayaking. Though active, longs days on the road and unhealthy eating patterns ultimately led to her being significantly overweight. 

After moving to Vancouver, work outside as a yacht technician motivated her to advance her workouts and find true habit in regular fitness training. Taryn lost fifty pounds through better food choices and with increased physical activity through sports, strength training and active commuting.  

 With the knowledge acquired through her personal experience, Taryn knew she could inspire others to achieve their fitness goals. Having completed two half marathons and a Gran Fondo, she found the enthusiasm and commitment for pushing past boundaries and setting the bar higher, aiming to enter her first CrossFit competition in the near future.  

 Taryn strives to make her programs fun, functional, progressive and tailored to her client’s individual needs. You can expect a positive attitude, high energy and a dedication to your success in every session. Always looking to offer the best experience, she continues to seek further qualifications and accreditations to advance her knowledge base.  



  • Strength Training and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss Programming
  • Fitness Testing


Taryn’s hobbies include strength conditioning, road cycling, hiking, CrossFit style workouts, swimming, water sports, and currently trying to master the human flag. When not in the gym, you’ll find her swimming in Garibaldi Lake, hiking the Chief or biking out to Horseshoe Bay.






American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification CPR and AED Certified.


American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer Certification CPR and AED Certified.


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