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fitness challenge at home vancouver

Join us! FREE 21-Day Fitness Challenge at Home

29.04.2020 | Events

Hello everyone, So far, this year has been an unprecedented and challenging one for all of us. The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives drastically, while throwing our routines for a loop.  ...

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Vancouver personal trainer Alison Babichuk

Meet Personal Trainer Alison Babichuk

06.03.2020 | Trainer of the Month

Co-owner Craig Boyd says, “Alison graduated with accolades from a great program at Langara. She has excellent energy and a real passion for fitness, so we immediately knew that she’d be a...

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personal training client success story

Client Success: Taha Alwadhi

08.11.2019 | Client of the Month

“Taha is very inspirational on how much of a change you can make in a short period if you put your mind to it,” says Craig Boyd, Taha’s personal trainer. “When Taha started...

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21 Day Challenge

Circadian Rhythm & Your Health 

12.05.2020 | Nutrition , Training Tips

21-Day Challenge Tip #6: Circadian Rhythm & Your Health    Hope you are feeling fantastic during the second week of your 21-Day Challenge. A big part of this challenge is trying to...

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21 Day Challenge - At Home - Water

21 Day Challenge – At Home Tip #4

02.05.2020 | Events , Training Tips

21-Day Challenge Tip #4: Water   Why Drink Water? Proper hydration is vital for overall health. Without sufficient water intake, the body will become dehydrated-meaning your body doesn’t have...

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21 Day Challenge At Home: Tip #3

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Tip #3: Fat What’s the Skinny on Fat? Fats provide your body with energy and provide storage spots for energy in the body. Fat helps move the vitamins A, D, E and K through your bloodstream and...

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21 Day Challenge - At Home

21 Day Challenge – Main Page

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Welcome to the 21 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! We have the dates listed as May 4-25 but feel free to start anytime in May. We have broken the parts of a healthy lifestyle into different sections....

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21 Day Challenge - At Home - Insulin Resistance

21 Day Challenge At Home: Tip #2

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Tip #2: Insulin Resistance and Fat Loss One of insulin’s main jobs is to get certain body cells to ‘open up’ to take in glucose—or, more accurately, to store the glucose as fat....

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fitness and nutrition tip

21-Day Challenge At Home: Tip #1

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Tip #1: Caffeine What’s the Deal with Caffeine? Caffeine is found in soft drinks, energy drinks, black tea, green tea and coffee. It’s also added to some prescription and over-the-counter...

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strength training over 40

Strength Training Over 40: 6 Tips from the Pros

15.07.2019 | Nutrition , Training Tips

With that in mind, there are changes your body goes through that affects how your body reacts to the strain of working out and the recovery time needed before hitting the gym again. As your body...

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power training

Power Training: Increase Your Speed and Strength

18.05.2019 | Training Tips

When strength training, you use resistance (weights, body mass, resistance bands, etc.) to build the strength of your muscles. When training for strength, the focus is increasing the load from...

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personal trainer vancouver

An Expert’s Guide: Finding the Right Training Program

08.04.2019 | Group Fitness , Training Tips

You’ve probably found yourself on our blog because you’ve been searching for a personal trainer in Vancouver, researching the best fitness class to take, or considering buying an online coaching...

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5 Keys to Training Success – Powerlifting Vancouver

14.09.2018 | Training Tips

  Are you tired of going to the gym and not getting results? I know this is an over-used marketing tag line. But the truth is many people do go to the gym day after day, week after week, year...

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fitness goals

How to Set Fitness Goals You Can Keep

09.01.2018 | Training Tips

It’s that time of year again! The calendar has turned and everyone is absolutely, optimistically positive that 2018 is going to be THE year that they finally get fit. The bad news? Research...

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Improve Your Deadlift With Three Simple Exercises

23.05.2017 | Training Tips

Excited about weight lifting but nervous about injury? Nail your deadlift by following these simple tips and learn exercises that will improve safety and allow you to lift more weight....

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