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Personal trainer Maxine

Meet Maxine, New Personal Trainer

09.01.2018 | Trainer of the Month

Part personal trainer, part cyclist and a soon to be Holistic Nutritionist, Maxine completed her training in Montreal. Maxine loves to cycle, and enjoys helping her clients gain strength, speed and...

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fitness goals

How to Set Fitness Goals You Can Keep

09.01.2018 | Training Tips

It’s that time of year again! The calendar has turned and everyone is absolutely, optimistically positive that 2018 is going to be THE year that they finally get fit. The bad news? Research...

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personal training client Erin t

Client KUDOS: Erin T.

09.01.2018 | Client of the Month

Every quarter we feature a Precision client who has accomplished something great in his or her workout program. Whether it’s achieving a fitness goal (or two), overcoming obstacles like injuries...

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Precision Athletics Vancouver morning boot camp – 7am Wednesday, June 30 2010

30.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Warm up 10-9-8-… 1 Laps Sit ups Chin ups Workout 10/10 step ups 10/10 pulsing side plank 10/10 push press 10 chin ups 10 dips 10 pushups 20 minutes Precision Athletics recommends attending...

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My journey to Fitness. Should I work out if it hurts?

26.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Urgh! My knees! It is hard to realize that I am not 21 anymore and that my joints take longer to recover after playing sports.  I have been having knee pain after my soccer games for the past 3 or 4...

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My Journey to Fitness with CrossFit

21.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Hello everyone, Yes, I changed the title of my blog a bit just to make it a bit shorter.  Last week was not great for me as I was only able to attend one class.  I have been having problems with me...

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My Journey to Fitness. Saturday CrossFit

14.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Saturday….a day to relax….  At least that is what I thought before I showed up for Taunya’s class at 10 AM.  What I thought was going to be a leisurely Saturday workout ended up...

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My Journey to Fitness. Speed and Agility

08.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Alright so I was late for the CrossFit class with Pepe today.  I thought the class started at 6, but oh surprise it started at 5:30.  What to do…?  There’s a Speed and Agility class at...

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CrossFit Thursday 6pm June 3rd, 2010

05.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Strenth Exercise: Squat 3-3-3-3 Workout: “Barbara” 20 pullups 30 pushups 40 situps 50 Squats (4 rounds for time this week not 5) Precision Athletics recommends attending their Vancouver...

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My Journey to Fitness. CrossFit June 1st.

02.06.2010 | Uncategorised

Can you spell exhausted?  I had to use the spell check, haha. Seriously now.  That was a hard workout!  Never mind the fact that I had to do pull-ups (0ver 60 of them altogether) but overall a...

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Precision Athletics Vancouver morning boot camp, 7 am Wednesday, June 2, 2010

02.06.2010 | Uncategorised

June 2 / 23   Warm Up 10-9…1 laps burpee / push ups sit ups       Workout walking lunges w/ MB OH plank 3 minutes, 3X   150 skips squats w/ MB 3 minutes, 3X                        ...

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21 Day Corporate Fitness Challenge

02.06.2010 | Uncategorised

With summer fast approaching, Precision Athletics is proud to present a 21 Day Fitness Challenge to all those who work in the Vision Critical Building at 858 Beatty Street in Vancouver. There is no...

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My Journey to Fintess. CrossFit 2 more days

30.05.2010 | Uncategorised

Well, what can I say…  I’m liking this stuff! So far I have been to 3 CrossFit classes and they have all been different.  They all have the same basic structure with a warm-up and a...

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My journey to fitness. Not feeling well to workout

26.05.2010 | Uncategorised

Hello everyone, Its been a few days since you last heard from me and I must apologize as I’ve been sick for the past few days.  I will be back in class on Thursday and will continue to share...

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My journey to fitness. CrossFit Class #1

18.05.2010 | Uncategorised

Drum-roll please! Today, after doing all 4 of my prep sessions as well as my fitness assessment I attended my first CrossFit Class.  I really didn’t know what to expect but I liked it.  I had...

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