Chizuko Clark

Personal Trainer


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Standard First Aid CPR C & AED


Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy


- Functional testing

- Functional programming

- Resistance periodization

- Resistance training


Born and raised in Japan Chizuko began her early career in the travel industry where she developed a lasting interest in travel and other cultures.

In her late twenties, wishing to improve her English, Chizuko moved to Canada and pursued certifications in Shiatsu and Massage Therapy eventually teaching courses in that discipline.

Vancouver became her second home where she started a family and built a career in the spa and clinical industry, later adding Personal Trainer to her resume, a natural extension to her Shiatsu certifications.

Early on Chizuko received a cancer diagnosis that affected her life over several decades and had a significant impact on her understanding of health choices for herself, her family and her friends.

With the cancer finally in remission and with the encouragement of her personal trainer Chizuko is now in training with a new focus as a Personal Trainer specializing in cancer patients.

Chizuko is a diligent individual with a strong drive for self-improvement. Empathy for others, especially the joy of helping and being helped, gives her a profound sense of purpose.


Chizuko leads an active and adventurous lifestyle, hiking with her dog, sea kayaking in the summer, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in winter. She also enjoys practicing soccer with her daughter, learning foreign languages, and gardening.

Time with friends and family is precious, and she is constantly expanding her skills as a trainer.