Client KUDOS: Patrick D.

PatrickPatrick D. joined our group fitness classes to improve his fitness in a major way five months ago, and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Trainers Katie Curtis and Amy Diehl have witnessed Patrick excel steadily in both mobility and strength, despite some nagging injuries. Amy notes, “Pat is the first one at the door at 7am, and has become a key client in the morning classes. If there’s a movement that he isn’t able to do due to an injury, he always brings it to my attention so that we can work around it and still push forward. His willingness to learn along with his dedication to his health is what is driving him to achieve his goals. It’s wonderful to see.”

We spoke with Pat about his commitment and successes to date.

PA: Why did you choose to go to a group fitness class – and what keeps you coming back?

PD: I chose a group class because a boot camp really seemed to fit my needs. I have a schedule that often changes quickly so I needed various times and days available to ensure I could stay consistent with my workouts, as well as a varied workout to address the health issues I was facing. What keeps me coming back is the challenge of the workouts. I can’t stand getting my butt kicked.

What is the best part of the class for you?

The steady improvement. Exercises and motions that felt impossible not long ago are now being challenged by increased weights and reps. I also like the differences in the workouts between the trainers.

What was your starting point?

Years of being an executive chef and craft brewer had left me with a pretty poor level of fitness and some bad dietary habits. Weight was an issue along with reduced mobility. Everyday things were starting to become unnecessarily hard.

I had seen colleagues and mentors from these professions develop chronic problems. I knew that these things needed to be addressed now or I was likely to face some serious health issues down the road. I had enjoyed a good level of fitness in the past, doing a lot of climbing and mountain biking so I knew what was missing. What I didn’t know is how hard it is to get it turned around.

What have you achieved since you’ve been participating in the classes?

I’m not sure I would call it an achievement, but it is really nice to start feeling comfortable in my body again.

Katie points out that Pat’s high level of commitment and effort have clearly paid off for him. Amy adds, “With Pat, you know that this isn’t just a morning exercise class; he is working towards something and putting everything he has into it. Great job Pat! Keep it up!”

If you’re interested in trying a group fitness class, check them out here or talk to one of our trainers.


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