Client KUDOS: Susan F.

personal training client

This spring we’re featuring a long-time personal training client who has been training with Craig Boyd for nine years and has clocked many miles with him too.

Craig says, “Susan is dedicated to health, fitness and self care and sees the positive effect of regular exercise in all aspects of her life. She has made great strides working past various injuries and even battled cancer. She always brings a positive attitude to the gym, and is a pleasure and inspiration to work with.”

PA: What lead you to Precision Athletics when you first started in 2007?

SF: A referral from my physiotherapist.

What were your initial fitness goals?

I started training to rehab an injury – and now I do it to stay in shape for the other activities that I like do, like skiing. In 2008 I signed up for a triathlon to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as I was recovering from cancer. I didn’t actually know what a triathlon was in those days so when I found out really worried if I could do it! Craig immediately offered to join me and between us we did the event and raised almost $20,000! I will never forget his act of generosity in supporting me through that difficult time.

personal training client
Craig and Susan in 2016

Why do you work out with a personal trainer?

I feel better both mentally and physically with regular sessions – and having a personal trainer is very motivating – I rarely miss a workout!

What are your current fitness goals?

We are training for a half-marathon.

What keeps you coming back to Precision?

I like the people. My trainer Craig, his business partner Pepe, and everyone that works at Precision. They are all super professional and everybody “walks their talk “ which is inspiring.   Check out the ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos of Susan & Craig. The first was taken in 2008 in Oahu, Hawaii, after the Team in Training Triathlon that Susan mentions above. The second was taken in 2016 at the gym. They still look the same (well, Susan does). Great work, Susan, and best wishes for the upcoming half-marathon!

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