CrossFit Junkie’s legs are killing!

Urgh, my legs! Between Tanya and Julie’s class my legs and abs have taken a beating.  Just two more months till beach time so I have to get to it.  During Saturday’s CrossFit class with Tanya I had the brilliant idea of mentioning that I had not been doing abs lately.  Well, Tanya made sure we did enough abs in that class to last us for a full week. That night, I was really regretting renting a funny movie because it hurt to laugh.  I don’t know if its just me talking crazy, but I really feel that after the kind of beating I give my body during these classes I keep burning fat for a couple of days after. Tuesday came and it was time for Julie’s CrossFit class at 6PM.  Last time around I was just able to complete 6 circuits, so this time Julie wanted me to push harder.  Well, I was completely drenched in sweat and exhausted but I managed to complete 6.2 circuits (if that even counts).  For the heavy lifting part we did front squats.  While I really like the Olympic style lifting, I must say that my wrists were feeling the pain on Tuesday.  Being folded backwards holding all that weight took its toll.  I’m not hurt or anything, but for the last set I tried a different grip.  My legs definitively felt like jelly after the workout and even today as I walked around. Does anyone know what is the best way to get rid of soreness after a workout?

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