Client KUDOS: Chris P. and Cole S.

personal training clients Chris P. and Cole S.

Every quarter we feature a Precision client who has accomplished something great in his or her workout program. Whether it’s achieving a fitness goal (or two), overcoming obstacles like injuries and illness, or just pure progress and commitment, we love seeing our clients succeed! We also love sharing these stories and experiences in order to inspire other clients to keep up the hard work.

With a fresh new year upon us, we thought it was fitting to highlight two clients who have turned dedication into impressive results. Chris and Cole have been training with Teri-Lynn for more than a year and have experienced the benefits of her personalized approach. While Chris used to have to be dragged to the gym (there’s a visual for you!), he is now a willing and enthusiastic participant.

Teri-Lynn shares this: “Chris and Cole have dedicated themselves to a consistent routine with me and I’ve witnessed them gaining significant momentum. Cole can now deadlift over 400 lbs, and needed to buy bigger shirts and smaller shorts as a result of the changes to his body shape.

Both Chris and Cole are keen to work out and give it their best effort each time. Chris used to dread coming to the gym but now is very involved and excited about making changes. As a result his strength and ability have skyrocketed”.

PA: What first attracted you to Precision Athletics?

CP & CS: We were looking for a personal training company that provided one-on-one sessions in a more intimate environment than many gyms offer. The Precision Athletics website suggested it would fit the bill, and the free initial training session allowed us to see for ourselves.

What were your initial fitness goals?

We both had a lengthy history of going to the gym without a trainer, but often had trouble finding the motivation to make it there more than twice a week. Our initial goal was to broaden our workout regimes and implement a more regular workout schedule, with the help of an external motivating force (our trainer).

Why do you work out with a personal trainer?

Our trainer ensures we keep to a regular workout schedule while adapting our sessions so they are fresh and entertaining. She is also great at providing that much needed external motivation.

What are your current fitness goals?

We are currently working on increasing both our strength and cardiovascular endurance. Our trainer provides a good mix of strength training and metabolic conditioning exercises so that we are always progressing in these areas.

What is it about Precision Athletics that keeps you coming back?

Teri-Lynn keeps things interesting by designing new workouts and throwing in modifications as we progress. Using her vast exercise knowledge base, she combines strength and conditioning to give us a great variety in each session. She pays attention to our fitness goals while never forgetting to include competitive and fun elements. This has been key to our motivation – while one of us used to have to be dragged to the gym, now both of us are enthusiastic participants. We particularly appreciate that she is meticulous about recording our progress, so that we always know where we left off. There is always a clear sense of what we have done and where we are going.

We also like going to a gym where there are mostly trainers and their clients, as this means people generally know what they are doing and equipment is kept orderly and shared appropriately. There is a noticeable camaraderie between the trainers, which extends to everyone in the gym.

For years, both of us would go to the gym intermittently and not make much progress. Teri-Lynn and Precision have changed that.

Way to go guys! Your results are a testament to how dedication and consistency pay off.

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