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“Frallenge” Results

‘Fran’ is a CrossFit workout involving 21 thrusters (@ 95lbs for men and 65 lbs for women) and 21 pull ups, then 15 reps of each exercise and then 9 of each. Exercises are performed as fast as possible with little or no rest. It’s a tough workout that challenges your strength, muscular endurance as well as metabolic conditioning. We held a challenge for the CrossFit and Training class members after 6 weeks of training. The winning times were Cindy McMillan 5:26 (Advanced category) with an improvement of -1:22 and Dominique Adhai (Intermediate scaled weights and pull ups) -3:23. Dominique was the most improved with 35.61% change. Jon C receives special mention for most improved, but was unable to take part at the finals. Congratulations to everyone who participated – most people improved by -20% or more from their original time! The winners received a trip to the spa on us Precision Athletics t-shirts! Advanced 95 lbs M /65 lbs W + Bw chin ups

NameBeginning TimeEnd TimeDifference% change
Jon C24:57:0012:5612:0148.16%
Cindy M6:485:261:2220.10%


NameBeginning TimeEnd TimeDifference% change
Dominique A @ 30#9:306:073:2335.61%
Brenda K @ 35#8:176:251:5222.54%
Kelly I4:253:280:5721.51%
Scott M9:598:051:5419.03%
Ashley K6:205:151:0517.11%
Moe D14:4212:332:0914.63%
Michelle H @40#7:166:161:0013.76%
Ashley S9:388:281:1012.11%
Erin T5:585:490:092.51%


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