How to Enjoy Running in Cold Weather

Running in cooler temperatures can be rewarding, but only if you’re well prepared. We recently read a good article in IMPACT Magazine called, “Embrace the Chill: 7 Great Ways to Cozy Up to Running in Winter.” Written by coach and triathlete, Calvin Zaryski, it offers some good tips on types of clothing and how to avoid residual body ache after a run.

Additional tips:

  1. Consider changing your shoes to suit the weather, i.e. water-resistant uppers and different treads.
  2. Warm up inside first by running stairs or jumping rope.
  3. Find the right balance of clothing layers for your body. You don’t want to feel cold mid-run, nor the opposite – so hot that you’re sweating, and then getting a chill. This may take a few runs to figure out so don’t get discouraged!
  4. Run with a friend. This will keep you motivated, help you stick with your program and increase your safety (i.e. visibility in the dark).

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