My Journey to Fintess. CrossFit 2 more days

Well, what can I say…  I’m liking this stuff! So far I have been to 3 CrossFit classes and they have all been different.  They all have the same basic structure with a warm-up and a workout.  Another single characteristic they all share is the fact that they are hard.  So, if you’re thinking about joining a CrossFit class, expect to sweat and be tired.  I’ve seen many people that go to the gym and they frankly don’t look like they are putting that much of an effort into their workout.  I know because I used to be one of them.  With CrossFit I find that not only do I get the encouragement of the trainer, but also from other people in the class. Looking back at the years when I played football, I remember that I always had my workouts with at least one other teammate.  There are several advantages of doing this.  First of all, is that it helps with motivation as nobody wants to be seen as a slacker.  But just as importantly I found there is a little bit of competition going on and is this competition that pushes you to try harder.  Giving it your all and going for that one last rep can make a world of difference in the results you get.  The last 1 or 2 reps can be as important as the previous 8 if you really push yourself at the end and having someone there encouraging you and helping out is a definitive plus. More to come soon.

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