My journey to fitness. Not feeling well to workout

Hello everyone, Its been a few days since you last heard from me and I must apologize as I’ve been sick for the past few days.  I will be back in class on Thursday and will continue to share my experiences with you. Since I have not worked out in exactly one week, I wanted to bring up this issue.  It happens to all of us that for some reason or another we cannot work out for a few days and we can feel like we’ve fallen off the wagon.  I know it happens to me and sometimes it seems easier to say: “I’ll just get back to it next week.” Well the truth of the matter is that working out even just one day is much better than doing nothing.  While I don’t think its advisable to go exercise when you are feeling sick (not only for your sake but also to avoid passing it on to others), I do believe one should get back on the horse as soon as possible. So, on that note I encourage you not to think about the days you might have lost because you felt sick or were away.  I know its hard but you should try to get back to the gym as soon as you’re feeling better.  Besides, exercising actually makes your immune system stronger. I think I should be able to go through an entire class tomorrow or Thursday without coughing like a mine worker.  So, I will be sharing more about it then. Thanks to the people that have been writing back on this blog and remember that there’s a facebook page and you can also see what I’m up to on twitter. Talk soon,

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