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Personal Trainer Vancouver - Ewa Dolowy

Get To Know Our Coach Ewa Dolowy

21.03.2021 | Trainer of the Month

What were you doing before Precision Athletics? I was conducting group fitness classes, personal training, and teaching P.E. at schools: all age groups including university.   Why did you decide...

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Client of the month Brigitta

Client Success Transformation: Brigitta

21.03.2021 | Client of the Month , Success Stories

It’s been awhile since we posted a client success story! This month we’re introducing you to Brigitta, who works with personal trainer, Craig Boyd. What were you doing for fitness before...

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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

21.03.2021 | Training Tips

Additional potential benefits of sticking to an exercise regime during pregnancy are having less aches and pains, decreased pregnancy swelling, a boost in your moods and an increase in your energy...

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21 Day Challenge - At Home - Water

21 Day Challenge – At Home Tip #4

02.05.2020 | Events , Training Tips

21-Day Challenge Tip #4: Water   Why Drink Water? Proper hydration is vital for overall health. Without sufficient water intake, the body will become dehydrated-meaning your body doesn’t have...

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21 Day Challenge At Home: Tip #3

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Tip #3: Fat What’s the Skinny on Fat? Fats provide your body with energy and provide storage spots for energy in the body. Fat helps move the vitamins A, D, E and K through your bloodstream and...

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21 Day Challenge - At Home

21 Day Challenge – Main Page

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Welcome to the 21 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge! We have the dates listed as May 4-25 but feel free to start anytime in May. We have broken the parts of a healthy lifestyle into different sections....

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21 Day Challenge - At Home - Insulin Resistance

21 Day Challenge At Home: Tip #2

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Tip #2: Insulin Resistance and Fat Loss One of insulin’s main jobs is to get certain body cells to ‘open up’ to take in glucose—or, more accurately, to store the glucose as fat....

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fitness and nutrition tip

21-Day Challenge At Home: Tip #1

01.05.2020 | Events , Nutrition , Training Tips

Tip #1: Caffeine What’s the Deal with Caffeine? Caffeine is found in soft drinks, energy drinks, black tea, green tea and coffee. It’s also added to some prescription and over-the-counter...

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21 Day Challenge Recipes – Lunch

30.04.2020 | Nutrition

Chicken Kabobs This recipe yields 2 skewers. This is one of those recipes that can be done almost exactly as it was intended to be done with no real substitutions aside from the starch heavy sides....

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21 Day Challenge Recipes – Dinner

30.04.2020 | Nutrition

Chorizo Spiced Stuffed Pepper This recipe is a great way to use an inexpensive ground meat to make a delicious nicely presented meal. Again with this recipe there are so many variations, and you can...

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21 Day Challenge Recipes – Breakfast

30.04.2020 | Nutrition

Breakfast Recipes:   Omelette Muffins – recipe yields 6-8 muffins This is a super easy recipe with the majority of the work being in your preparation. I chose bacon, spinach and red...

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fitness challenge at home vancouver

Join us! FREE 21-Day Fitness Challenge at Home

29.04.2020 | Events

Hello everyone, So far, this year has been an unprecedented and challenging one for all of us. The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives drastically, while throwing our routines for a loop.  ...

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Keto dessert-cheesecake

Keto Diet Dessert Recipes: Get Ready to Indulge

11.03.2020 | Nutrition

What are the best keto desserts to indulge in? Are keto desserts healthy? (Short answer: it depends on how you define “healthy.” Long answer: They’re healthier to eat than regular...

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Vancouver personal trainer Alison Babichuk

Meet Personal Trainer Alison Babichuk

06.03.2020 | Trainer of the Month

Co-owner Craig Boyd says, “Alison graduated with accolades from a great program at Langara. She has excellent energy and a real passion for fitness, so we immediately knew that she’d be a...

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Meet Personal Trainer Chris Martelli

11.11.2019 | Trainer of the Month

Get to know Chris Martelli, who joined our Vancouver personal training team in July. What were you doing before you joined Precision Athletics? Sports and exercise have always been an important part...

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