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Personal trainer Maxine

Meet Maxine, New Personal Trainer

09.01.2018 | Trainer of the Month

Part personal trainer, part cyclist and a soon to be Holistic Nutritionist, Maxine completed her training in Montreal. Maxine loves to cycle, and enjoys helping her clients gain strength, speed and...

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fitness goals

How to Set Fitness Goals You Can Keep

09.01.2018 | Training Tips

It’s that time of year again! The calendar has turned and everyone is absolutely, optimistically positive that 2018 is going to be THE year that they finally get fit. The bad news? Research...

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personal training client Erin t

Client KUDOS: Erin T.

09.01.2018 | Client of the Month

Every quarter we feature a Precision client who has accomplished something great in his or her workout program. Whether it’s achieving a fitness goal (or two), overcoming obstacles like injuries...

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paleo diet

The Low Down on Paleo

06.05.2015 | Nutrition

In this new series, “The Down Low on Nutrition”, we’ll answer some popular questions that we hear from clients about the best nutritional support to help achieve fitness goals. We’ll turn to...

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running races

The Lineup: Running Events

05.05.2015 | Events

Looking for something to do this summer other than elbowing your way up The Grind or taste-testing microbrews on a sunny patio? Sign up for a race! Challenge yourself to train and prep for an event....

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Personal Training Results : December 2014

27.11.2014 | Client of the Month

Client of the Month – Jordan Pickett Each month we review the Personal Training Results on our clients and share them with our readers for inspiration and encouragement. Jordan has seen...

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10 Tips to Survive Holiday Indulgence

27.11.2014 | Nutrition

The holidays have become a time to indulge in food and drinks across many social occasions. Over the years as portion sizes have exploded along with unhealthy recipe variations, a holiday dinner...

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8 Great Fitness Gifts

27.11.2014 | Training Tips

Is your fitness-friend or coworker hard to buy for? Did they mention they wanted something to do with fitness when you asked them what they wanted as a gift? If you can’t think of anything...

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Vancouver Personal Training Clients of the month: November 2014

30.10.2014 | Client of the Month

Vancouver Personal Training clients Nikki and Shira have been coming to Precision for three years now. They’ve done everything from Group Fitness Classes to Personal Training they’ve...

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December 2013 Client of the Month

02.12.2013 | Client of the Month

Congratulations to December’s client of the month: GRETCHEN COLEMAN    We had a Q&A session with Gretchen to find out how she does it. Q:  How long have you been at Precision? A:  I...

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The Quest for Killer Abs Continues: Core Strength

14.07.2013 | Small Group Training , Success Stories

How Core Strength Taught Me Balance on Life’s Seesaw defines balance as ‘a state of equilibrium or equipoise’. It’s that particular measure of inner being which...

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The Quest for Killer Abs: The Reset

10.06.2013 | Small Group Training , Success Stories

How Turning 30 Reset My Metabolism in 30 Days! I felt like I was going to puke my hammering heart out of my throat. My juvenile lungs were raw, and wanted to burst open with each heaving breath. My...

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Vancouver Boot Camp And CTF client of the month

Vancouver Boot Camp and Cross Training Classes- Client of the Month Bryan Jones

20.03.2013 | Client of the Month

Each quarter we preview one of our Vancouver boot camp or cross training and fitness clients to talk about their experience with our classes. Bryan Jones: Positive mindset yields positive results.  ...

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Functional Movement Screen

25.01.2012 | Training Tips

Recently Craig, Pepe & Elisse all became certified to do the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). FMS is a ranking system that documents movements that are crucial to normal function. The screening...

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Client of the Month: Sarah Moshurchak

25.01.2012 | Client of the Month

Determined to Deadlift 200 lbs One day Sarah Moshurchak arrived early for her personal training session and saw her trainer, Pepe Picco, doing a deadlift. The first thought that popped into her head?...

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