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HEY, kettlebell swingers—CLASSES ARE ON HOLD, courtesy of COVID-19 and winter weather. Join us in the spring when we can workout outside again.

Our Kettlebells Vancouver Conditioning class combines kettlebells with bodyweight and TRX training to hand you one big high intensity (HIIT) workout. Expect to work your entire body: your core, strength, flexibility and metabolic conditioning. While you’re at it, we’ll make sure you’re engaged, having fun and learning some boss new skills.

Why Kettlebells Instead of Free Weights?

Our Kettlebells Vancouver Conditioning program incorporates the explosive movements of kettlebells which makes for a more dynamic and engaging workout. Kettlebells are preferred for resistance training because of two key advantages: momentum and uneven load. The foundational movement, the Kettlebell Swing, builds strength in the entire body—particularly the legs and butt. Continuous movement provides a cardiovascular workout as well as a strength stimulus.

The unique shape of the kettlebell provides a stabilization challenge when used for classic strength movements. This amps up the core challenge and increases the efficiency of the workout.

New to Kettlebells?

Our personal trainers welcome everyone to our Kettlebells Vancouver Conditioning class in downtown Vancouver. The overall workout and movements are easily adaptable to suit your experience and comfort level.

The class runs on a four-week progressive cycle but can accommodate beginners every week. We do this by splitting the class for the technique instruction portion (about 15 minutes) in order to introduce newcomers to the core movements of Kettlebell Conditioning.
Meet our Kettlebell Instructors:

Art Chaykin

David Sims

Teri-Lynn Nelson


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Ongoing and Drop-in Classes

Kettlebell Conditioning Class Rates

Group Fitness Participants $15

New Participants $20

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1 Week Group Fitness Classes

We are OPEN!

One-on-one personal training and semi-private specialized training (Powerlifting; Glutes, Abs & Cardio; and Operation Alpha) sessions are operating. All indoor Group Fitness classes are suspended until outside weather improves.

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