360 Degree Abs PLUS Conditioning


Our training team has put together one of the best ab workouts in Vancouver to tackle this number one request. Lose inches from your waist and tone up with our proprietary ab sculpting, Fat Furnace and Fat Flush programming—all led by our experienced personal training team.

Get Your Best Abs Yet

The 360 Degree Abs program has been running since 2013 for good reason: Participants experience amazing results. Here’s why:

  1. Coaching Expertise – Small group size means you’ll receive lots of personalized coaching and feedback.
  2. Core Conditioning – Two 60-minute sessions per week are focused on training your abs from all angles as well as full body conditioning. 
  3. Fat Furnace – Interval-based 20 min. cardio program to do on your own, five days per week, to help shed fat and crank up your metabolism.
  4. 21-Day Fat Flush Nutrition Program – Easy-to-follow yet strict whole food eating plan that will reduce inflammation and water retention, boost your energy levels and help burn that fat.
  5. Ongoing Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching – Designed to help you eat better and have healthier lifestyle habits long after the program has ended. Keep a food log to be reviewed by your coach, providing you with feedback and encouragement to keep on track to success.

The low down on our 360 Degree Ab workout in downtown Vancouver:

  1. Class Size: 8 members max.
  2. Session Commitment: 2 x 60 min sessions/wk
  3. Program Duration: 12 weeks
  4. Cost: $47/week

*Note: If you miss your specialized fitness training session, we are unable to accommodate make-up sessions or credit your account.

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