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Put on Muscle While Losing Fat

Muscle up, lean out and get significantly stronger with this specialized fitness training program. Benefit from personalized coaching in a small group format, highly focused on powerlifting, strength and conditioning and, of course, CORE work.

We’re targeting strength through compound movements in this action-packed fitness program! We’ll give you a weekly workout plan to follow, and you’ll attend two small group training sessions per week. Each session is divided into two segments:

  1. Powerlifting – Learn how to perform all the major powerlifting movements and some variations.
  2. Strength/Core Conditioning – Take on our conditioning circuit of strength movements (e.g. body weight exercises, plyometrics, farmer carries, kettle bells and more) plus isometric and dynamic core work.

The low down on the Operation Alpha workout in downtown Vancouver:

  1. Class size:  Semi-Private, 4 participants max.
  2. Session commitment*: 1 hour x 2 days/wk
  3. Program duration: 12 weeks
  4. Cost: $78/week
*Note: If you miss your specialized fitness training session, we are unable to accommodate make-up sessions or credit your account.

Check out this client’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ progress photos:


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One-on-one personal training and semi-private specialized training (Powerlifting; Glutes, Abs & Cardio; and Operation Alpha) sessions are operating. All indoor Group Fitness classes are suspended until outside weather improves.

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