Trainer Tip: Have You Conquered the Plank?

plank Bootcamp class vancouver

Not that we’re saying that we love planks, but for one simple move it is a serious core strengthener. Did you know that your personal plank stamina can be an indicator of when it’s time for more of a challenge?

Personal trainer Shawn Pallan says that if you can hold a plank for 90 seconds it’s a sign that you are ready to step it up,  “The point of a plank is to train and ensure that your ‘core’, meaning the muscles pertaining to everything between the clavicle and hip bones of the trunk of the body, has the ability to support and protect the body, primarily the spinal cord when moving or when under sudden stressors”.

“If the body can maintain a plank for 90 seconds or longer, it is an indicator that the body is ready for more strenuous and dynamic movements with light loads. Holding a plank for any longer really has no fitness benefit. It is more important to take that structural strength and put it through movements to ensure functional strength, which is a far better option”.

So there you go – if you’re already ‘planking’ for a minute and a half, that’s a sign that it’s time to increase the challenge.

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