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Personal Training

How much does a personal trainer cost in Vancouver?

The average personal trainer session cost in Vancouver is $70-$100 per hour. Hourly prices of sessions may decrease with training frequency or if you pay for a group of sessions up front (like a bulk buy). Some trainers offer 30 min sessions which decreases the session cost.

Personal trainer rates often reflect the experience level and certifications of the trainer, i.e. new personal trainers usually cost less than a trainer who has 10+ years of experience in personal training, plus specialized certifications. You get what you pay for.

Is it worth hiring a personal trainer?

It depends on what your fitness goals are and how critical it is for you to achieve them. Personal training can be considered a non-essential expense, but for goal-oriented people, hiring a personal trainer can be of great value. For example, goals like losing weight, training for a race, learning how to weight lift, and getting back into shape after an injury, are all reasons that make hiring a personal trainer worthwhile.

Hiring the right personal trainer will save you a great deal of trial and error in training, as well as frustration and potential injury. A good personal trainer should keep you focussed, while motivating and educating you on health, fitness, nutrition, training techniques and programming. The application of these principles should lead to better results in a shorter time frame. Learn more about personal training.

Do you offer personal training for couples?

Yes, we offer couple personal training but we call it “partner training.” Any two people can pair up, which helps to make the cost of personal training more affordable.

Is a nutrition program included in the training session?

Our nutrition services are offered separately from personal training. This one-on-one session costs $125. Learn more about fitness nutrition coaching here.

What if I don't want to get too jacked / ripped?

Most clients are not working with a trainer to get “ripped.” Their goals range from broader ones like fat loss to more specific ones such as sport specific performance, or correcting a specific body imbalance or injury.

If your fitness goal is to get as lean as possible, there are programs that we can offer centered around the primary determinant of body fat—which is your diet! We’ll work with you to determine what your goals are, and if you’re concerned about a particular outcome such as getting too buff, not to worry, the vast majority of the human population do not build muscle rapidly. However if you are one of those people who build muscle extremely fast we’ll ensure that’s taken into consideration when developing the program.

Training Location

Does the personal trainer come to my home or building gym?

Personal training sessions take place in one of our Vancouver gym locations: Yaletown, Waterfront, or Cross Roads. But most of our personal trainers are happy to go to clients’ homes in the Vancouver area. The cost for travel time would vary depending on the distance from our gym. Contact us to find out more.

Can I train at your gym on my own?

Precision Athletics fitness training operates our private gyms out of office towers in downtown Vancouver and central Vancouver (near City Hall). Employees of the companies that work in these buildings have access to the gym (with no guest privileges). Precision clients who are not building employees are permitted to use the gym only during supervised sessions with a fitness trainer or group fitness class.

Group Training

What is group training or small group personal training?

Small group personal training is personal training for a group of 4-6 clients who have similar fitness goals. Having a small group helps to bring down the cost per person without diluting trainer instruction.

We offer small group training to companies as well, we will customize a package that suits the individual needs of your company or work group. Learn about our Corporate Fitness Program here.

How do you charge for small group training?

The cost for small group training ranges from $30-$39 per person for one hour, depending on the program and group size. Most programs run twice per week over a period of 12 weeks. Billing is weekly or as full payment up front.

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