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Alcohol and Fitness Training – Holistic Nutrition Vancouver

28.11.2018 | Nutrition

  Why alcohol may be keeping you from your fitness goals – By Maxine Hubbard: Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Vancouver. Its no surprise that in this day and age its become the...

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female personal trainer vancouver

Female Personal Trainer Vancouver

29.09.2018 | Uncategorised

Thinking of hiring a Female Personal Trainer in Vancouver? People start personal training for many different reasons, they want: accountability, expertise, motivation, education and most importantly...

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5 Keys to Training Success – Powerlifting Vancouver

14.09.2018 | Training Tips , Uncategorised

  Are you tired of going to the gym and not getting results? I know this is an over-used marketing tag line. But the truth is many people do go to the gym day after day, week after week, year...

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personal training client Erin t

Client KUDOS: Erin T.

09.01.2018 | Client of the Month

Every quarter we feature a Precision client who has accomplished something great in his or her workout program. Whether it’s achieving a fitness goal (or two), overcoming obstacles like injuries...

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Vancouver Boot Camp And CTF client of the month

Vancouver Boot Camp and Cross Training Classes- Client of the Month Bryan Jones

20.03.2013 | Client of the Month

Each quarter we preview one of our Vancouver boot camp or cross training and fitness clients to talk about their experience with our classes. Bryan Jones: Positive mindset yields positive results.  ...

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Client of the Month: Sarah Moshurchak

25.01.2012 | Client of the Month

Determined to Deadlift 200 lbs One day Sarah Moshurchak arrived early for her personal training session and saw her trainer, Pepe Picco, doing a deadlift. The first thought that popped into her head?...

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client of the month

Client of the Month: Anicka Quin

06.12.2011 | Client of the Month

Dedicated Bootcamp Participant Takes the Challenge The 21-Day Challenge is over and while we haven’t tallied up the official results, one of the first clients to complete it successfully was Anicka...

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Danna Budde

Client of the Month: Danna Budde

01.11.2011 | Client of the Month

Challenged to Pass the POPAT With her regular workouts and active participation on a hockey team, Danna considered herself to be in pretty good shape. She enjoyed Crosstraining & Fitness classes,...

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October Client of the month-Rowan Smith

Client of the Month: Rowan Smith

04.10.2011 | Client of the Month

Canucks Playoffs Aftermath Inspires Corporate Fitness Challenge The three months of hockey playoffs this year were a blast, but they also put the kibosh on the exercise efforts and diets of many...

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Client of the Month: Wayne Pomario

17.09.2011 | Client of the Month

Already Extremely Fit, But in Search of a Flatter Stomach Wayne runs 6 days per week, covering off 85-105 kilometers. He also has been working with personal trainer Craig Boyd twice per week since...

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Precision Athletics Client of the Month

Client of the Month: Frank Uy

10.08.2011 | Client of the Month

Going Beyond ‘Just Going to the Gym’ When he started training with Jade McClure four years ago, Frank Uy had no idea what a drastic change it would make to his lifestyle. Like many of us, his...

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Client of the Month: Ais Sheridan

06.06.2011 | Client of the Month

Beach Vacation Provided Motivation, But Now She’s Hooked on Group Fitness In March Ais knew she had her work cut out for her. She and her boyfriend had just booked a May beach vacation in Mexico....

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Client of the Month: Simone & Nicole

05.02.2011 | Client of the Month

Craig Boyd had been a trainer for years when he cofounded Precision in 2001 with Pepe Picco. They had a vision that included trainers with greater expertise and a focus on the other 23 hours. He...

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Client of the Month: Robert McLaughlin

10.11.2010 | Client of the Month

Robert McLaughlin’s experience working with a personal trainer has a familiar beginning for many of our clients. It started with an injury. He came to Precision to work on building strength and...

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Client of the Month: Rinat Kamaletdinov

24.08.2010 | Client of the Month

Rinat Kamaletdinov thought core muscle training sounded a bit boring. But he was in terrible pain and couldn’t walk more than half a block at a time so he was willing to give Elisse...

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July Clients of the Month Jen and Courtney

06.07.2010 | Client of the Month

Jen and Courtney have trained with Jade McClure for 8 months. Jade says that “Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels” and the truth of that quickly became clear to long-time...

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