CrossFit Junkie. Survived stag…

But almost died on Tuesday with Julie. My body was still in recovery mode from a weekend of heavy partying so I thought I was going to take it easy on Julie’s CrossFit class on Tuesday.  She had other plans.  I must confess that my brain was still working only at about 50% as a result of the weekend festivities, so I’m not too sure if I was counting my reps properly (sometimes I did more, some less). The warm-up consisted of skipping, pull-ups, burpes (sp?) and side lunges (yup, just like on a Richard Simmons video).  It all seemed fine then as I began to sweat out all the vodka.  Then came the front squats and once again I felt I was going to pull through.  The actual CrossFit part was my doom though.  Cowbell swings are easy, but pull-ups again?  Box jumps?  Ball slams? Thrusters?  Wha?????  I was able to finish 4 cycles in 20 minutes (with a couple of water breaks) and I was a corpse by the end. Something that had not happened to be in a long time happened after Tuesday’s class and that is that I became desperately hungry immediately after I was done.  In the past I felt like this was a signal of my body saying: “give me some food, gotta make muscle.”  To be honest, that is exactly the same feeling I got this time around.  After punishing your body with a good workout, make sure you give it back something nutritious to recover.  I’m no expert and I recommend you ask your personal trainer for further advice, but a combination of protein and good carbs are a good post-workout snack. Hopefully I can make it on Saturday.  Summer is almost gone and I want to get some camping in before the clouds start to cry again. Talk soon

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